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Dear Students,

Here you find detailed information about your final exam and the diploma defense.


We wish you all a successful exam!

Institute of Architecture

Dear Students!

Being a university student has presented you with and will give you many new challenges. Compliance with studies, organization of daily life, communication with instructors and peers, and conflict management are often complicated. As you progress in your studies, further education and employment issues come to the fore: what future will you face after graduating? Over the past year, the pandemic situation and the form of online education have further increased your responsibility and pressure.

The management of the University and the Faculty believes that we must work with you in your professional training but also solve broader context problems. To this end, we established the YBL HÁLÓ testület (YBL NET_WORK Board), which will officially assist our lecturers and students from April 1, 2021.

Our goal is to complement the professional aspirations of the Ybl Faculty by supporting students with career orientation, multi-faceted catch-up and learning. We offer methodological assistance to lecturers. Our main goal is mediation in communication and problem situations between students and lecturers.

Please monitor, use and help our work, for which we are waiting for your questions and ideas! Feel free to contact us about the above issues! We can and want to help.!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peter IMG 20201016 131329

The course Community and Urban Planning at the Ybl faculty is part of the curriculum of our MSc in Architecture, for the international students traditionally organized as an intensive workshop. Main objective is to introduce the theory of participatory design and its implementation in Hungary, parallel with a design task – this year the design of a public beach with community functions at the Római-part. Analysing the site the students got involved with last year’s achievements of the discussion of  civil participants and the municipality, both of the district and the capital and the complexity of the architects role at designing not for but with the local community.

We are thankful to the Municipality of the 3. district, to Prof. Bogus Podhalanski PhD (Cracow University of Technology) and to the enthusiastic team of the 'Design workshop a Rómaiért' civil group for being key participants at the worshop. 

Ybl lecturers András Krizsán DLA and Zsuzsa Fáczányi PhD


Schedule of the workshop

Task desription

Groups of students

Presentation of group 1

Presentation of group 2

Presentation of group 3

Presentation of group 4

Presentation of group 5

Presentation of group 6

Presentation of group 7

Dear Scholarship Holder Student!

Congratulations on your acceptance at our university and scholarship awarded status! In the following letter, we are sending you information about the conditions for entering Hungary and about the start of the semester.

The semester will start on Monday, 31st of August, with the registration week. The education will continue in a hybrid form: the lectures will be held online, the seminars/laboratory practices will be held in smaller groups on campus.

In the case if you cannot travel to Hungary, you will have the possibility to register and follow the lectures online and attend the seminars later on. Please be informed that the payment of scholarship cannot be transfered for the month(s) when you are not in Hungary, students only will be entitled for scholarship payment from the month of arrival, as this amount is for the expenses of living in Hungary.

If you can travel to Hungary, please read carefully the following measures concerning the Hungarian entry requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

Please keep yourself updated about the changes in these measures. Countries have been listed by color code, traveling from yellow and red coded countries fall under specific measures. The color coded list of countries can be found here:

You can find information on the following link:

 Requirements for exemption of the quarantine regulations: 2 negative SARS-CoV-2 molecular biologic test results (medical certificate issued either in English or in Hungarian) taken within the five day period proceeding entry to Hungary and filling the following form:

 In the case of not obtaining 2 negative tests taken before arrival, foreigners from yellow and red countries are obliged to spend 14 days in self-isolation or in official quarantine, depending on the result of the mandatory medical examination at the border and need also 2 negative PCR tests, done locally. Please note: arrangement and costs of quarantine and 2 tests have to be done by the student, because the university cannot provide them. The costs of the tests are cca 2*100 Euros.  At arrival the border police checks the foreign nationals and in case of quarantine obligations, have to fill a form, where have to provide the address of previously arranged accommodation for spending the quarantine - providing the address of university dormitories is strictly forbidden! If the police will take you to the dormitory as quaratine address, you can not go in and without accommodation, you can be dismissed from the country and be banned from entry to the EU for 3 years.

Dormitory: dormitory place can be reserved only for those who filled the application and got accepted- these are under progress- and moving in to the dormitory is only possible - even in the case of exemption of quarantine for entering Hungary - with 2 negative PCR tests, done in Hungary in one of the following locations:

If you do not need dormitory place, please still write this in the application form, and you need to arrange your accommodation for yourself. In this case you still need to fulfill the criteria for entering and living in Hungary, on the costs of the student. 

If you applied for dormitory place, and you know within these conditions you will not come in the semester please cancel your request by e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.until 10th of August. 

These measures are for the common safety of everyone. Thank you for your cooperation - as our colleagues will inform you also about any new changes in the restrictions.

Please keep us updated about your travel plans, visa status, or in case of any question.


Kind regards,
International Education Office
Óbuda University